2015 Landscaping Trends

As go-green initiatives continue to sweep the globe and more and more people embrace putting their phones down and getting in their backyards to work on their landscaping, design trends from years past are beginning to re-emerge. Home owners are now focused on creating environments that are more natural and promote serenity escapes from a technology-driven society. Out are the over the top, perfectly sleek landscaping and in comes a focus on using landscape supplies to help create natural, wild beauty.

If you're interested in re-landscaping your home, here are the latest design trends of 2015:

More running water please

Running water continues to be a popular trend as the sound and look offers home owners a serene environment to relax in. Some may find it surprising that the trend is so popular with global focus being on energy efficiency and green initiatives, but like all other industries, pools and water features have adapted to fit the global trends. There are now much more efficient and healthy ways to run a water system with home owners opting to use salt water to limit the need for chemicals and chlorine and increasing the size of water pipes to reduce evaporation of their system's water. Also, another popular request, particularly with water features is for the water to be recirculated for conservation.

Fountains, cascading water and beautiful-shimmering pools are all popular trends right now when it comes to water sources on your property.

Less flash, more class

Over the top landscaping designs are out, bringing back a focus on simplicity and natural elements. This is not only resulting in less maintenance for home owners, but it also promotes a more natural environment. Plants are allowed to grow more freely, not constantly being perfectly manicured to keep with a sleek, modern design of past years. Furniture has moved to the return of natural materials with woods and bamboo being a really popular choice at the moment.

Edibles are on full display

Edibles are a really popular stylistic trend in home landscaping these days. For gardeners, this is perfect because you can finally display those tomatoes and fresh vegetables you've been growing in the backyard and have them be the main focal point of your design. Some owners will replant vegetables so that they're at the center of the landscaping while others may use a retaining wall backdrop and bamboo features. With a focus on natural colours like green and brown, colourful vegetables can really stand out and capture the eye.