Noisy Residential Air Conditioning: 3 FAQs

The operation of residential air conditioning units often raises a number of environmental concerns. Top on the list of these concerns is the risk of noise pollution around residential neighbourhoods emanating from the operation of noisy air conditioners.

Because a large number of residential air conditioners will produce a certain degree of noise during their operation, it is important for homeowners to understand a few things about noise control and the use of residential air conditioners. This article provides answers to three questions that a first-time homeowner may have in relation to air conditioning and noise control.

Why Are Residential Air Conditioners Often Noisy?

The standard residential air conditioner is designed with various components (e.g. rotating fans and air compression units). The operation of some of various components whenever the conditioner is turned on is often responsible for the production of noise. This explains why even a newly-installed residential air conditioner will produce some amount of noise during its operation.

Thus, the production of minimal noise by residential air conditioners is acceptable and it should be expected. When the intensity, volume and the duration of noise from a conditioner is likely to cause a nuisance however, homeowners should be concerned.

How Is Air Pollution From Noisy Air Conditioners Regulated?

There are various legislative policies in relation to noise pollution from residential air conditioners. For example, the Environmental Protection Authority restricts the use of residential air conditioners to certain (approved) hours of the day throughout the week and into the weekend.

In this regard, homeowners are prohibited from running their air conditioners before seven o'clock in the morning on weekdays and before nine o'clock in the morning on weekends and during public holidays. Homeowners are also prohibited from using their air conditioners after 10 pm on weekdays, weekends and public holidays alike.

How Can The Noisy Operation Of Air Conditioners Be Tamed?

The right choice of air conditioning unit can help to tame the problem that is noise. For example, when faced with a choice between two conditioners, a homeowner should settle for the one that has a lower noise rating. A homeowner can also choose to invest in a unit that features smaller fans that are bound to be less noisy.

First-time homeowners who have already bought and installed an air conditioner may need to invest in noise-reduction devices for the conditioner. Examples of these devices include acoustic louvres, attenuators and enclosures.