Top Ways You Can Use Solar Energy at Home

With solar energy, you are able to provide power in your home with solar panels that utilise energy from the sun's UV rays. This helps reduce your reliance on local power companies and instead have a more eco-friendly and natural way of supplying your home with energy. Here are some different ways to use solar energy in the home.

Heat Your Swimming Pool

An excellent way to utilise solar power in the home is to heat a swimming pool. Whether your pool currently doesn't have any heat or you are looking for a greener option, solar power is a great thing to introduce. There are a couple different ways to do this, from using a solar blanket to using heat from your roof's solar panels. The solar panels will collect energy from the sun during the day, then use some of that saved energy with the solar hot water system installed in your pool. With a solar blanket, no installation is required as it sits over the water until you are ready to go swimming.

Provide Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

The lights inside and outside your home probably use a good deal of energy, often taking up a large amount of your monthly power bill. You can save a lot of money by having solar panels installed on your home, which then use the sun's energy to convert to lighting inside your home. The solar panels can replace the typical energy used in your home for standard lights, or you can actually buy special solar-powered lights to help even more. These are especially good outdoors, since the lights don't need to be hard-wired or hooked up to anything. Place them outside and they will collect energy during the day, then stay turned on at night.

Heat Up Your Water

You can also use solar energy to heat your water whenever you need it. This reduces the amount of electricity or gas used for your water heater, depending on the type you have been using. You need to install a new water heater that is solar-powered, but in the long run, you save on monthly power bills and help the environment at the same time. Typically, you collect enough energy during sunny days to help you through the nights and cold days when there isn't a lot of sunlight.

Don't forget that with solar panels, you can power your entire home with solar energy. Anything using electricity can be powered, including appliances, electronics, charging devices and all lights in your home.