Tips For Preparing Your Yard For Spring Planting

When the spring season comes around, it is the perfect time to start working on your garden and getting flower beds ready for planting. Here are some tips for getting your yard ready for spring planting.

Dig Deep Into the Soil

One good thing to do when you are about to start planting in the spring is to dig deep into the soil. This loosens up the soil to get it ready for planting; plus, it allows you to go deeper for any root crops you intend to grow. Crops like carrots and potatoes require a little extra depth in the soil in order to take root properly, so the deeper you can get them, the better off you will be. Once you have done your digging, fill up the empty spaces with organic compost that includes manure, leaves, food compost, and other organic material you have on hand.

Prune Your Trees and Bushes

This is also a good time to get your trimming and pruning done. Pruning trees involves removing any branches that are dead or diseased, which helps to encourage new growth. If you leave these dead branches on the trees and shrubs, you will be hard pressed to get new, healthy growth. You should also keep trimming the trees even after spring has started and growth begins. If you have any rose bushes in your garden, prune the roses before the buds begin to form.

Remove Weeds and Growth From Flower Beds

Next on the list should be the flower beds as well as the raised beds for your herbs and produce. In these areas, you want to make sure all weeds are removed and that you don't have any pests looming around the area. Remove any trash, debris, or dead growth you find around the borders or in the flower beds. This tidying up helps you get the flower beds prepared for when it is time to plant.

Rent a Skip Bin For Yard Waste

After you have pulled weeds, trimmed trees, and gotten rid of waste around the yard, you will then need to dispose of all the yard and garden waste. Even if you have a yard waste receptacle, it is probably not large enough to fit everything all at once. A better idea is to rent a small skip bin specifically meant for this type of waste. You can fill up the bin, then have it picked up and brought to the right waste facility once you're finished.