When to Call for Air Quality Testing for Your Business

Air quality testing can include a wide range of services and may be needed for your business for a number of reasons. Note when it's good to call an air quality testing service and how their reporting can help you.

1. Stack testing and monitoring

If your company has a smokestack, you may have legal obligations as to the number of pollutants it's allowed to emit, its overall temperature, and the like. Air quality testing can include stack testing and also stack monitoring, to ensure that you're compliant and that the filters used on the stack are in good repair. You may need to choose a higher-quality stack filter or otherwise reduce the emissions based on the air quality testing or simply have the stacks cleaned as you would clean a home chimney.

2. Emissions testing

For a company with delivery vehicles or any heavy-duty types of trucks, forklifts, and gas-powered equipment, emissions testing can be vital. Again, you may have legal obligations when it comes to the emissions from this equipment and may also want to ensure the health and safety of your workers especially for equipment used indoors, such as forklifts. You may also need to make repairs or upgrades to the equipment as necessary; a catalytic converter may need replacing, or you may need to use a higher quality of fuel in order to reduce those emissions.

3. Old boilers and HVAC systems

How old is your building's boiler or HVAC system? If it's very old, it may have a gas leak because of normal wear and tear. There may also be buildup of dust and debris in the vents and ducts that can be very unhealthy for your workers and staff. An air quality test can tell you if there is a gas leak or other such damage to your boiler or furnace and if you need a new filter for the system or other such repair and maintenance.

4. Spills and Accidents

If your company has had any type of spill or accident, then you might want to call for an air quality test. These spills can leave behind fumes and emissions and chemicals in the air. You might assume everything is cleaned up after a spill, but remember that you can't necessarily see air pollution. Having an air quality test performed can tell you if you need to vent the area or keep workers out until it's clean and safe.  

For more information, contact local air quality services