The Pros and Cons of Hydro Mulching

Hydro mulching refers to the process of mixing grass seeds, mulch and a binder in water before you spray that mixture on soil that has been prepared for planting a lawn. Hydro mulching has several advantages and disadvantages. This article discusses some of those. Use this information to decide whether this method is the right method for you to use when you are replanting a section of your lawn.

The Pros

It is more affordable. Hydro mulching is an affordable way to restore your lawn because you can cut down costs by performing many of the lawn-growing steps, such as applying fertilisers and preparing the soil, yourself. Buying sod is more expensive because the company from which you buy that sod expects to be compensated for the labour, fertilisers and time invested in growing and harvesting that sod.

Seeds remain in one position. Hand-seeding has challenges, such as the seeds moving from their position when the wind blows. Hydro mulching is free from such challenges because the binder keeps the seeds firmly in place until they germinate. This reduces the chance that you will have uneven germination in your lawn.

You can customise the selected seeds. Hydro mulching allows you to pick a combination of seeds based on your needs, such as using a mixture of seeds that are tolerant to shades as well as seeds that resist drought. This customisation isn't possible if you buy ready sod. It is also hard to get a uniform seed mix if you are planting by hand.

The Cons

The lawn area is vulnerable to seeds from weeds. Weed seeds can be established in your lawn alongside the hydro-mulched seeds. This is because wind or rainwater can get the weed seeds onto the prepared soil. This allows them to sprout at the same time as or even before the grass seeds that you have planted.

The process may consume lots of water. You may need to water the ground several times each day until the hydro mulch lawn has established itself. While sod also requires quite a bit of water, it does not require as much as hydro mulch. This is because the sod has already established roots so the plant may not dry out as easily as freshly sprouted seeds in hydro mulch.

The process is tedious. As already mentioned, you may need to water the soil many times each day until the lawn is established. Spraying the hydro mulch onto a large area can be very tiring. All these activities can make hydro mulching less attractive to those who want quick results without doing a lot of work.

Weigh the pros and cons above before you make a final decision. You may also contact a lawn professional for additional advice and help as you establish your lawn.