5 Tips to Keep Office Toilets Clean

How clean are the toilets in your office? If you don't keep the toilets clean, employees can feel undervalued and angry as a result of having to use dirty facilities every day. Show your employees you care about their hygiene and comfort by following these tips to keep your office toilets clean.

1. Inspect Toilets Regularly

Toilets that are in regular use need to be inspected several times throughout the day. Ask your office maintenance team to inspect all toilets at particular times of day. Stick up a record sheet in the toilet area so cleaners can record these inspections and leave notes on the condition of the toilets. By keeping a record, you can hold cleaning staff to account if toilets have not been cleaned to an acceptable standard.

2. Install High-Quality Hand Dryers

Much of the mess in office toilets results from workers drying their hands on paper towels or toilet paper and then discarding the tissue on the floor, in the sink or on another surface. Hand dryers eliminate this mess by providing employees with a paper-free way of drying their hands. Choose a high-quality brand of airtowel hand dryers, such as Mediclinics or Ardrich hand dryers, which dry hands quickly so that employees can get on with their day.

3. Provide Sanitary and General Waste Bins

Every female toilet cubicle should contain a sanitary bin for the disposal of feminine hygiene products. This simple measure allows women to dispose of tampons and sanitary towels safely and hygienically, rather than flushing them down the toilet where they can cause a clog. There should also be a general waste bin where employees can dispose of tissues, packaging and any other waste.

4. Install Toilet Roll Dispensers

When toilet rolls are left loose in the toilet cubicle, employees can easily drop them into the toilets or onto the floor, where they may unravel or soak up spilled liquids. Store toilet rolls tidily inside toilet roll dispensers, which automatically allow the next roll to drop into place when the previous roll runs out. These dispensers allow employees to grab as much toilet roll as they need, without running a risk of dropping the whole roll.

5. Talk to Your Employees

If you have an ongoing problem with messy toilets in your workplace, talk to your employees. Ask what you can do to help them keep the toilets tidy and highlight the importance of respecting all parts of the office environment, including the toilets. If necessary, erect some friendly signs in the toilets to remind everyone to be considerate towards other toilet users.