Maintaining your cooling towers in the winter

The freezing winter can have a lot of negative effects on your cooling towers. Operating cooling towers in the winter always has the risk of formation of ice in the system. That ice formation is what you need to control. Ice-related structural damages really decrease the effectiveness of these towers and normally lead to severe problems. However, dealing with these issues is not such a hard task. If you're always facing icing problems in the winters, then here are a few ways to keep your cooling towers operational all through the chilly season. [Read More]

5 Tips to Keep Office Toilets Clean

How clean are the toilets in your office? If you don't keep the toilets clean, employees can feel undervalued and angry as a result of having to use dirty facilities every day. Show your employees you care about their hygiene and comfort by following these tips to keep your office toilets clean. 1. Inspect Toilets Regularly Toilets that are in regular use need to be inspected several times throughout the day. [Read More]

Tips to maintaining clean, clog-free stormwater pits and drains

Stormwater pollution is both a public health and environmental issue. Storm drains are designed with grids that prevent large debris from entering the sewer system. The bars, however, are wide enough to let water pass through, and a majority of objects may fall in including trash and animal waste that is left on the ground. This carries harmful disease-spreading bacteria that put you and your family at risk. Stormwater pits and drains can also become clogged with debris over time, such as sticks, leaves, litter and lawn mower clippings among others. [Read More]