When to Call for Air Quality Testing for Your Business

Air quality testing can include a wide range of services and may be needed for your business for a number of reasons. Note when it's good to call an air quality testing service and how their reporting can help you. 1. Stack testing and monitoring If your company has a smokestack, you may have legal obligations as to the number of pollutants it's allowed to emit, its overall temperature, and the like. [Read More]

Fire Extinguishers on Your Boat: What You Need to Know

Fire extinguishers are as important as life jackets when it comes to boating safety. The legal requirements regarding how many fire extinguishers your vessel needs to have can vary from state to state, so it's important to check with your local Department of Transport. This is particularly relevant if you have just purchased the boat, and you can't always be certain that the number of existing extinguishers meet your local requirements. [Read More]

Make It Rain: Five Ways to Boost the Efficiency of Your Rain Water Harvesting Efforts

A rainwater tank is a great way to collect free water that falls from the sky and use it to offset your water consumption and your bill. However, there are even more ways to boost the efficiency of your water harvesting efforts. If you want to make the most out of your rainwater tank, check out these five tips: 1. Install mesh over your gutters. Rainwater tanks typically collect the rain that falls onto your roof, but if your gutters are full of debris, the rainwater won't follow them to the tank. [Read More]

2015 Landscaping Trends

As go-green initiatives continue to sweep the globe and more and more people embrace putting their phones down and getting in their backyards to work on their landscaping, design trends from years past are beginning to re-emerge. Home owners are now focused on creating environments that are more natural and promote serenity escapes from a technology-driven society. Out are the over the top, perfectly sleek landscaping and in comes a focus on using landscape supplies to help create natural, wild beauty. [Read More]