Noisy Residential Air Conditioning: 3 FAQs

The operation of residential air conditioning units often raises a number of environmental concerns. Top on the list of these concerns is the risk of noise pollution around residential neighbourhoods emanating from the operation of noisy air conditioners. Because a large number of residential air conditioners will produce a certain degree of noise during their operation, it is important for homeowners to understand a few things about noise control and the use of residential air conditioners. [Read More]

When You Might Need a Skip Bin Around Your House

A skip bin can be a good choice for collecting waste and easily getting rid of it, without having to worry about putting out too much trash or worrying about getting oversized items to a landfill on your own. You may know to get a skip bin for when you're tearing off your home's roof, but there are other times when it can be helpful. Note a few of those times here and you can decide if a skip bin would be a good choice for you. [Read More]

The Pros and Cons of Hydro Mulching

Hydro mulching refers to the process of mixing grass seeds, mulch and a binder in water before you spray that mixture on soil that has been prepared for planting a lawn. Hydro mulching has several advantages and disadvantages. This article discusses some of those. Use this information to decide whether this method is the right method for you to use when you are replanting a section of your lawn. The Pros [Read More]

When to Call for Air Quality Testing for Your Business

Air quality testing can include a wide range of services and may be needed for your business for a number of reasons. Note when it's good to call an air quality testing service and how their reporting can help you. 1. Stack testing and monitoring If your company has a smokestack, you may have legal obligations as to the number of pollutants it's allowed to emit, its overall temperature, and the like. [Read More]